Learn Hebrew vocabulary effortlessly while browsing the web.

The Problem

You need to learn Hebrew.
But there's no time, right?

Going to Ulpan and listening to Omer Adam's songs
is not enough to learn and remember new vocabulary.

To make matters worse, it's hard to be consistent.

The Science

Most of our brain's operations are subconscious, hidden beneath our awareness.

Imagine how awesome could be to learn Hebrew without even noticing.

To do so, we have combined two major scientific concepts:
subconscious + contextual learning.

Subconscious Learning

Introducing new habits to your routine is tough.

You already know the drill, you start a new activity and 2 sessions after you drop out. (GYM anyone?)

You can stick to a newly developed habit by reducing the friction it takes to perform such action.

Dexter from Dexter's Lab managed to learn French* while he was sleeping. Tell him about reducing friction.

Nowadays we spend more time on our computers than actually sleeping, let's put that to use.

Contextual Learning

Ask any Olim parents that made Aliyah with little kids how long it took kids to learn Hebrew.

The answer will be less than 3 months.

Those kids are no geniuses (maybe some will be), but what made them learn so fast was learning with context.

They learn while playing and not focusing on the language itself.

They learn with context, without even noticing.

The Solution.

Learn Hebrew the lazy way.
Learn while browsing the internet.

  1. Install LazyHebrew Chrome Extension.

  2. Browse any website in English.

  3. Learn - subconsciously.

See this great demo 👇

Link to video in case your Android phone can't handle it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it actually work?
It's easy.

Browse the internet as you would normally do. The app will automatically translate selected words in English into Hebrew and underline them. Nouns, verbs and more.

You can hover over the words to find the meaning in English.
Hopefully, the more you see them, the less you will need to hover the words less and less so.

Is it free?
Yes. The free version is free.

How can I learn from my mobile phone, activate Nekudot, or listen to how words are pronounced?
Let me know if you are interested in a Paid Pro Version
or scroll down and sign up to be kept on the loop!

What are the basic human requirements?
You need to know how to read some Hebrew.

What are the basic technical requirements?
A computer with a Chrome browser.

There is a bug
Report a Bug

I have an idea to make it better
Share an Idea

How can I install the Chrome Extension?
Install Extension

I want to get updates and learn more about LazyHebrew
Say hi!

Will I learn more than "omelette du fromage"?
Omelette du fromage.

Stay Hungry, Stay Lazy

You will probably want to keep up with all these awesome techniques for learning Hebrew and future releases.

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⚠️ The Warning.

This solution is not a stand-alone way of learning Hebrew.

This is one more companion app in your way to Hebrew Mastery.
Please don't drop out of Ulpan or unfollow Omer Adam on Spotify.

Please be aware that Dexter's Lab was not a real life experiment.

Everything labeled as scientific in this page is just common sense and not actual empiric research.

© LazyHebrew. All rights reserved.
Except Dexter's Lab which are owned by Cartoon Network.

Thank you!

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